Why Thriving Tribes are the Solution

The Problem


We now operate in a marketplace that is replacing face-to face interaction with online pathways for communications and transactions.  Like all pathways and destinations, if they are desirable, they get overpopulated and cluttered, thus creating the need for further automation and efficiency.  This process is reducing human interaction and loyalty and increasing inbound noise, forcing people into protective castles and making it harder to communicate unless you know how.

With millions of pathways online, we see a rise to the top of what we will call, “Mega Giants”.  This rise comes from or begins with a unique skill set of the founders that create them.  Over time, they expand into a team of highly skilled people and ultimately, domination of their market.  Examples would be Amazon.com and Jeff Bezos, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Google and Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  These “Mega Giants” shape behaviors of the majority by constantly evolving three criteria; Make it faster, easier and more convenient.  As the majority develop dependency on the mega giants, they form habits of a programmed consumer and we call these habits, “Digital Slumber”.  Digital Slumber now gets applied to all or most online activity by most users.

To be clear, the internet has three groups of people.  There is a smaller group of “Great Creators” and then a much larger group, which are called, “Programmed Consumers” that are primarily in digital slumber.  The first group leads the way in technology advancement and is usually so far ahead of the majority that the conversation is like a foreign language to the majority that would take years to learn and by the time you do, the language will change.  Therefore, the Great Creators keep advancing and stay on top and is also why the majority struggle to find answers to personal and professional growth.  There is however a third group.

The “Opportunist” is the third group.  They saw and seized an opportunity to sell information to the majority as a proposed solution to take them from programmed consumer to great creator.  The need is so dire that the majority has bought it by the billions and continues to buy it regularly, turning the opportunists into the top of the bottom.  The challenge with this exchange is that you cannot teach someone something you haven’t done, and you cannot take someone to a level of success you have not achieved effectively.  So, the blind is leading the blind in most cases, with a few exceptions.  Teaching things like “lead capture”, “marketing funnel” and “Social Media Management”.  This is old news and again everyone is doing it, rendering it mostly ineffective.  Disclaimer:  Sometimes these opportunists are effective, and some people benefit, but the majority do not.  We still have the same statistics we have had for the last 50 years in the lower, middle and upper class with only a few minor impacts, most of which are negative.  If we just cut to the chase, let’s line up 100 people engaging in these systems and see how many are doing it successfully.  My guess is less than 5%.

In summary of the problem, the “majority” users cannot win in a game designed by the “Great Creators” unless they play by their rules of winning, which we are not aware of, hence why those rules are called proprietary intellectual property.  So, we default to “programmed consumer” with the online habits of “digital slumber”.  However, we have a powerful insight for you.  You can shift from programmed consumer to great creator and it doesn’t need to cost you your nest egg to do it.


The Paradigm Shift to Thriving Tribes


If the problem is lack of listeners, lack of knowledge and lack of cooperation, then the solution would be the opposite.  Grow willing listeners, increase your knowledge and facilitate collaboration.  The art of doing this well is called “Building Thriving Tribes”.  This post is an introduction to the problem and to the proven solution.  You can and will accelerate your personal and professional growth if you simply learn how and apply what you learn.  The secret of thriving tribes is not complicated but it is different.  Many do not have an adequate level of understanding to properly shift from programmed consumer to great creator.  Therefore inTHETRIBE.io was formed.


“To empower and equip individuals to build thriving tribes and accelerate their personal and professional success”


You have a unique opportunity to learn, apply and master the art of building thriving tribes and converting your network into real net worth.  You can do this in a way that enriches your life, enriches whom or what you interact with and enriches the tribe.  In other words, you can do it in a socially responsible way that brings about positive social, economic and marketplace change.  Most of us want to be, do and have more.  We want to feel good about how we do it and who we do it with.  We want to experience some sense of healthy belonging with our peers in a growth minded environment.  We also want to achieve a sense of security, stability and ultimately significance in our life and be as free from stress and worry as possible.

This can be achieved but not with the same thinking that hasn’t already achieved it.  “If nothing changes, nothing changes” the Late Jim Rohn said.  We feel it is time for a change and we feel we can make that change one by one and we can make it together.  The first step is getting inTHETRIBE!  Once you are in, you can begin learning, start applying and mastering the principles necessary to build your own thriving tribe, enhance your current personal and professional life, and monetize in ways you never new possible.  If you are ready for positive change and the support to di it, get inTHETRIBE as a free member and become part of the solution.

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