How thriving tribes accelerate business growth

How Thriving Tribes Accelerate Business Growth

Sometimes the best answers for accelerated business growth are found in the last place we look, inside ourselves.  Outside noise on how to achieve business growth drowns out the most obvious and proven methods.  Consider how big of a factor, “Positive Belonging” plays in our personal and professional lives.  How often and how strongly does it motivate our actions and engagement?  This train of thought can inspire understanding of the power of a thriving tribe.  This article will help you go a little deeper to see how it translates to accelerated business growth.

Almost everyone wants to accelerate their career, profession or business growth in some way.  Ideally, we want to do this in a way that feels good and do it with people we like.  This, coupled with the means of exchange we earn and what we do with it, gives us quality of life.  The active question for most is, am I achieving my desired lifestyle in the time frame I want?  Is it sustainable without causing an early heart attack?  When the answer is no, we begin the search for how.  With so much noise in today’s world that answer is not easily found unless you know where to look.

The Tech Illusion

We don’t have time in this article, but studies show the majority have lost wealth rather than gain it during our tech boom.  We live in a time of tech gadgets, widgets, tactics and tricks that make big promises and rarely deliver.  Most effective methods require extreme budget or extreme expertise to implement, something the average professional lacks.  The marketplace is constantly shifting, restarting long learning curves that will change before we master them.  In all the uncertainty, many elect to remain the same and just keep working hard.

It doesn’t have to be this way…Tune out the irrelevant noise with its empty promises and focus inward.  You will see that the answer lies in what you have experienced your whole life that has always worked.


  • How does it feel when someone remembers your name?
  • Consider how you feel when someone asks questions to genuinely learn about you?
  • What do you feel when someone listens intently to you?
  • How does it feel when someone surprises you with an act of kindness that delivers value to you?
  • How does it feel when someone you care about seeks you out to include you or spend time with you?
  • Think of the feeling you have when someone else is speaking positively about you to others and makes connections and referrals for you?
  • How does it feel when many people that act and think similarly get together with you in a social or professional setting that embraces all of the above?

This type of interaction makes us feel good and it is the backbone  of “belonging”.  This is how we want life to be.  This is how we want people to think and act toward us.  It is also how others want us to think and act towards them.  When applied to us, we naturally feel an obligation to reciprocate.  Adversely, when applied to others, they naturally feel that same obligation.  As we form TRIBES of people that interact this way, we create the foundation to thrive and business growth follows.

5 Steps to Establish a Thriving Tribe

Attract-Whoever said that the “world does not revolve around you”, certainly did not understand the world.  Actually, the only world there is, and the only one that matters to you or anyone else, is the world that revolves around you or them.  Realizing this, it becomes obvious that you must become an ATTRACTIVE entity to expand your world.  We want to attract people into our world or influence, and we want to give them reason to stay there.  Step one is to constantly improve our ability to attract others.

Invite-A solid plan with consistent action to invite people to become part of our world, our tribe, and our ecosystem is step two.  This step is critical.  You cannot wish things to magically come to you without action and expect that they will.  Once we invite people into our tribe, we invite them to share in our cultural values, whether consciously directed or by default.  As we share these common values, hopefully universal and not too biased if you want a large thriving tribe, people come and go based on what they perceive and feel in relation to those values.

“Tribe is not something.  Tribe is everything.  All that you interact with is in your tribe and how you interact will determine if it thrives.”

Engage-The most important rule of engagement is to make it genuinely about the other person.  There is only one moment you can control and that is the present moment.  Most people are looking for business growth so get good at helping others achieve this.  In that moment make it about the other person until they genuinely make it about you in a fair and equitable exchange.  Secondly, be consistent in proportion to what you can invest based on where the individual is in your five circles of influence (See our training on the five circles). Refer back to “Remembering…” as a guide to engagement.

Manage-There is an accurate investment of time, money and energy that you will need to put into each individual.  This needs to be done in an organized and systematic way.  It requires of us that we are good stewards of our limited inventory to invest.  Of course, we can increase money and energy, but it is what it is until it is something different.  We must manage and administer our lives responsibly, or hire people more suitable to help us with that.  We all have 24 hours, an inventory of money and an inventory of energy.  Know what you have, what you can give, and where it should go.

“Your network is your net worth, only when you know how to convert it.  Otherwise, it will become net worth for someone else.  Ignorance will work as an excuse but it wont increase your net worth”

Monetize-Convert your network into a thriving tribe and ultimately into net worth and life worth by mastering a handful of thoughts, activities and habits.  Become an attractive entity.  Give people an environment to belong, feel good and enjoy being around you.  Provide value to everyone in proportion to their proximity to you.  Provide more value when people are willing to reciprocate by investing in you in some form.  Accurately monetize your ability to create a thriving tribe ecosystem where everyone that wants to can and will win.  As the quantity and quality of your tribe expands, so does its value as an asset.

The Outcome

This translates into business growth as it creates a willing and collaborative marketplace and a thriving internal economy.  Trust and merit are fostered and developed more rapidly, and loyalty goes much deeper than the next tactic launched by people that have no care or concern for your well-being.  You make the market rather than being tossed around by it or trampled by bigger budgets with more expertise.

Now doesn’t this sound like a world you want to belong to?  Shift from a transactional and competitive mindset to a tribal and collaborative mindset.  Invest time, money and energy in a more intentional way to enrich yourself, those you interact with, and enrich your tribe.  You will create a loyal and thriving marketplace, increase your influence exponentially, have fun doing it, feel good, make more money and do it with less effort and energy.  This is the reward of building a thriving tribe.


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