A Compelling and Necessary Shift

In 1989, the bottom 90% of the US population, held 33% of all wealth.  In 2016, that number dropped to 23%.  In that same period of time, the top 1% increased its share of wealth from 30% to 40%.  Article can be found online at this link https://www.statista.com/statistics/203961/wealth-distribution-for-the-us/

In this same time frame, we have advanced technology tools at a rapid pace, creating every opportunity to “even the playing field”, as some might call it.  Yet despite all that is available, the wealth distribution has not improved.

If all the fancy tools, widgets, gadgets and gimmicks are so great, why is the wealth distribution worse?  Like always, advancements are led by innovators and mega giants, controlling the markets, while the masses lag and even fall backwards a bit.

STOP!  Pay close attention to this statement.  No offense intended but most likely based on statistics, you have lost a portion of your share of the wealth.  No worries, you can get it back, but you need to know the real secret, and it is truly a secret, or the statistics would be different.  I want to introduce you to a compelling and necessary paradigm shift if you are ready to reclaim and grow your portion of wealth.

Is Your Network your Net Worth?

All of us have heard it said that “Your network is your net worth”.  This is a true statement for some (Approximately 10% or less), but it is not for the majority of people for one simple reason.  We do not understand how to convert network to net worth.  This is the secret of the wealthy.

To avoid any disconnect from the word “Wealthy”, let me reframe it a bit for you.  I don’t believe anyone can define wealthy for you.  It is a personal perspective.  In this context, please see wealthy as your own calculation of achievement in the major areas of life that are important to you.

The upper 10% that holds most of the wealth in the US, understand how to convert network to net worth.  Whether they consciously know it or not, they grasp the findings of Napoleon Hill in his exhaustive study on personal wealth creation over a 40-year period.  The principles that he uncovered all fit under an umbrella principle of aligned effort and energy or organized effort and energy.  Said another way in part, mastermind and collaboration.  They are able to attract, invite, nurture, manage and monetize large groups of people, thereby converting their network to net worth.

That speaks to the 10% but what about the other 90%?  Its pretty simple, they take their most valuable asset and give it away daily for free.  You may be thinking the most valuable asset is time.  Time just is.  It is neutral and is neither an asset nor a liability.  It is just time.  It is what occupies the time that creates value.  Our biggest asset is people and we give our people, our network, our tribe, away for free continuously.  We gave it to facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and the other Mega Giants for free.  They then converted our networks to net worth for themselves and our portion of wealth diminished from 33% to 23%.  Getting it yet?

The Real Secret

DISCLOSURE:  If you run an ad agency, consultancy, marketing firm or any entity that promotes assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their goals, and you actually produce results, congratulations.  You are rare and I applaud you for providing real value.  Most do not and it is evidenced by the diminishing wealth statistics.  If you are one of those entities and you do not get real results for your clients, you have two choices.  Stop taking their money or start getting them results.  This next section is going to empower individuals with a real and relevant secret to their growth and monetization of their network and it is going to force accountability into the professional consultancy and service space.  If you are truly providing value, this solution will not be a threat in any way.  If you are not, it is time to be accountable to the people that pay you.  On the other hand, if you have hired a professional and they are helping you achieve ROI, don’t let them go, they are rare.

Now for the real secret.  It has been said, “The best investment you can make is in yourself”.  Sounds good and almost makes sense, but again, another misleading piece of information that keeps the 90% where they are.  If you invest 100%, all that you have, into yourself, you still only have you and can only go as far as you can go by yourself.  None of us will achieve anything significant by our self.  The real secret and the best investment you can make to create the largest return is to invest in your network or “Tribe”.  Investing in others in an intentional way is the best investment you can make.

6 Pillars of a Tribe Ecosystem

If you are still reading, there is a good chance you are at a point that you are open to learn and apply the secrets to converting your network into net worth and creating a thriving tribe-an evolving ecosystem that enriches your life, enriches whom or what you interact with and enriches the entire community, simultaneously.  In this section, I will list the 6 pillars and then address each one in a future article.

  1. Collaborative
  2. Conscious
  3. Responsible
  4. Positive
  5. Empowering
  6. Productive

It is one thing to know of something.  It is another thing to understand the essence of it and embody it.  I find that most people can logically comprehend these 6 pillars, however statistics show that they are not widely embodied and put to use intentionally.

In the next article, I will expand on these 6 pillars which are the foundation for building a thriving tribe and the beginning of converting your network into net worth and more life worth.  Cheers


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