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I'm Rocky Romero

Business Strategist, Coach and Mentor
Chicago, IL, USA
Peers Mentoring Peers Mentoring is an essential part of business professional development. It's also a necessary component of your business growth. Your business depends on it. - gain the necessary mentoring experience - experience learning from a different industry, location or culture - participate in mentoring for a meaningful and creative way of earning and learning - learn new communication styles and approaches with each peer having a different business background and experience - grow in confidence by getting and giving mentoring learn how to mentor other business professionals in your business - expand your connections and circle of influence

Testimonials about Rocky Romero

  • Rodney

    Rocky is an amazing individual who has dedicated his business life to helping others grow both personally and in business by connecting them with People who mutually benefit in business and personal relationships.

    A True Referral Advocate with a heart to see others succeed. Thank you for all you do ………Rod


About Rocky Romero


With over 25 years of business experience, I discovered my passion for supporting leaders to continually reach success in their business.


This passion has led me to coaching business owners resulting in increased profitability and growth for their businesses.


For several years, I have globally connected Peers by providing a platform to showcase their business and create new business connections for strategic partnership.

PeersPowerGroupPower Peers participate in private mastermind and business opportunity sessions.



Power Peers focus in private business development gym sessions. 


Peers can discover new connections to discuss business opportunities and develop relationships.

PeersReferralsBusinesses, Trusted Advisors, and Funding Sources freely participate in Referrals

Want to make better business decisions?

Get results from an online peer group

Discover how a peer advisory group assists you in making better business decisions:

- Guidance from experienced members

- Real world perspectives

- Proven solutions

- Many years of combined peer business success

Participate at:

Dial in number: 850-296-1589, PIN: 65005

This will bring additional clarity about your business to you and our participants.

There are four components, as you may know:

1. How do I (your business issue)…?

2. Open ended questions asked about actions taken

3. Recommendations by the members

4. Actions to take by you and general feedback

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  • 300 North State Street, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Peers On Demand

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Globally connecting, coaching and consulting business leaders to establish new relationships so that strategic partnership and referral opportunities are cultivated

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