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About Brett Labit


Thank you for taking time to read a little bit about me.  If you haven't already watched the video in the top right corner, you can get a feel for my vibe and what I am all about by watching that now.  My mission is to build thriving tribes and mentor individuals to build thriving tribes.  I have spent a lifetime learning and applying what is now built into the Biz Dev Pro program.  All of my experiences, ups and downs, have created my mission. Co-founder of the Biz Dev Pro and successful life and business strategist.  

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Current Projects

Company Name Link Description
The Biz Dev ProPresidentTech, Training and Innovation
Wevo GlobalPresidentTech, Training and Innovation
Brett Labit ConsultingBiz Dev ProInfluencer, Advocate and Advisor
Brett Labit Speaker/TrainerKeynote or Supporting SpeakerPublic and Private Engagements


I see blind spots clearly for others
life and business planning
business development

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Recognized authority on thriving tribes

Personal Interests

Sunsets on patios with a martini and interesting people.  Snow, water and dirt sports.  Hanging out with my 3 kids, Brett Jr, Brad and Brookie Cookie.  I love to speak, teach and mentor.  I enjoy helping people and businesses grow.  I love travel and enjoy my work with my coffee on my laptop by the fireplace.

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It is a great pleasure to be effective at something and love doing it. That is what consulting and coaching is for me. I have a unique set of skills to help individuals and businesses discover their highest and best, create a plan for fulfillment and execute that plan with A-Z action steps. Feel free to click on my calendar link and create a complimentary 20-minute discovery call. Usually, I can add two to three insights that you can take away and apply tomorrow.

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life strategy, business strategy, consulting, coaching, mentorship, business development



  • I have known about Brett for years and some of his accomplishments and relationships through LIZ.
    Now after meeting him, and being associated with him in BDP, I find myself being encouraged every day from his influence as a thought leader in the marketplace.
    Brett is a great man to get to know! …Rod

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  • Brett is Excellent!

    Happiness Team
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