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I'm Brett Labit

Scottsdale, AZ, USA
John-Leslie Brown introduces Brett Labit An honor and a privilege to be invited and introduced by John Leslie Brown to share a few words on thriving tribes.

Testimonials about Brett Labit

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    Brett is very kindhearted and giving person. He is very interested in helping others grow with-in the tribe and with-in their own business. Brett took time out of his schedule to help me with a technical issue and he was very patient. After our call he sent me resources that will help me become more successful in using this platform. It has been a pleasure meeting Brett and I’m excited to learn more from him.

    Kimberly Albarran
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    I’ve never met another person who was as hard working or as other-focused as Brett. He is a maven who seems to know everyone and is willing to be real about their strengths and weaknesses when recommending them for collaboration, team building or any other purpose. He believes in tribe to a level that few other people I know will ever attain. If you don’t already know him, you should go out of your way to wangle an invitation from someone who does. Or, just sign up here and find out all about him and his tribe!

  • Hbratman

    Brett is so Inspiring in a easy going way. His guidance and support has made a difference in how to approach, challenges & overcome them, but how to better understand the challenge before it arrives.

  • Reed Reppa

    During the course of a recent BizDev Pro event, Brett impressed me with his depth of knowledge and ability to communicate with clarity and effectiveness. But I was blown away by his ability to listen to others, teach and share from his vast experience.

    Reed Reppa
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    I’m just not sure where to start. What Brett is up to and who he is will blow your socks off. Brett has a way of seeing and hearing what is missing and supports people in connecting the dots. All I ever wanted to do is make a difference for people, and I am clear with Brett’s guidance I am doing just that. He has brought me success through consciousness, intentionality, and downright caring about what matters most to me.

    Bhadass Creations LLC
  • Thomas

    Wow… get ready as you can’t meet Brett and not be impacted in a powerful and positive way. He lives and breathes the principles of what a thriving tribe needs to be so get ready as in knowing him, you’re going to become a better version of yourself!

  • Rodney

    I have known about Brett for years and some of his accomplishments and relationships through LIZ.
    Now after meeting him, and being associated with him in BDP, I find myself being encouraged every day from his influence as a thought leader in the marketplace.
    Brett is a great man to get to know! …Rod

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    Brett is Excellent!

    Happiness Team

About Brett Labit


Thank you for taking time to read a little bit about me.  If you haven't already watched the video in the top right corner, you can get a feel for my vibe and what I am all about by watching that now.  My mission is to build thriving tribes and mentor individuals to build thriving tribes.  I have spent a lifetime learning and applying what is now built into the Biz Dev Pro program.  All of my experiences, ups and downs, have created my mission.

Co-founder and President of inTHETRIBE.io and successful life and business strategists. 

Entrepreneur And Wine Taster.  Lover of martinis

Hi Teresa

Current Projects
Company Name Link Description
WEVO Globalhttps://www.wevoglobal.com/Global business directory, blog platform and events calendar
Creative Gateways Art Gallerieshttps://creativegateways.com/Fine art galleries specializing in glass art
Wine Companywine.comWe love wine

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I see blind spots clearly for others
life and business planning
business development
WIne buddy

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Recognized authority on thriving tribes
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Personal Interests

Sunsets on patios with a martini and interesting people.  Snow, water and dirt sports.  Hanging out with my sweetheart and my 3 kids, Brett Jr, Brad and Brookie Cookie.  I love to speak, teach and mentor.  I enjoy helping people and businesses grow.  I love travel and enjoy my work with my coffee on my laptop by the fireplace.  wine buddy

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  • Business Consultant
  • Coach
  • Strategic Planner
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • art
  • WEVO Global


    Wevo is a popular and relevant global business directory with free membership and a $7 per month membership. It has unique benefits and can be used to generate better SEO for you relevant pages.

  • Creative Gateways

    7014 East Camelback Road #2129, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

    Creative Gateways is a unique fine art experience located in the luxury wing of the Scottsdale Fashion Square. We are on the upper level next to Neiman Marcus. We pride ourselves in having a diverse roster of artists and wide variety of art mediums

  • Brett Labit Consulting

    Sedona, AZ, USA

    I am passionate about going through deep discovery with my clients to assess what they really desire and then helping them create a plan, work the plan and achieve tangible results.

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