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International best-selling author of Harvard Effect, and co-recipient of an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the area of Social TV Experience in 2014 alongside childhood friend Joseph Gordon Levitz, Les Brown Jr. appeals internationally to groups of all ages, inspiring his audiences to reach higher and to expect more of themselves in the serious pursuit of high hopes that define a lifetime.  His core original message is, “What’s the point of a Master’s Degree if you don’t have a master plan?” Recently named one of the top five speakers under the age of 40 in America, Les Brown Jr. knows how to deliver value for an audience every time. With motivational media of all types, he has helped the family business generate over $100 million in sales with a weekly reach of over two million people online in the area of personal growth and business development. In the words of Bob Proctor, star of the movie, “The Secret” and also known as the “Pope of Success Teaching”, “I saw Les Brown Jr. speak when he was about 15 years old, and he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.”  Les Brown Jr. has spent more than two decades crafting his unique message and delivery style and his infectious enthusiasm and vivid powers of description sweep along all those who hear him. The Los Angeles Clippers and Success Teens International awarded him the Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance Award (HNAA) at the Staples Center specifically for his inspirational speaking work with young entrepreneurs and in 2017, after releasing his first book, he moved from Crenshaw and Slauson, CA, invested  in higher learning and became a student at Harvard Extension School to study lessons and modern presidential leadership in Cambridge, MA.  Les Brown Jr. is proud to be a graduate of CEO Space International, named by Forbes as the number one private entrepreneurship club in America, a Board Member of Seminars on Demand, and faculty member of, alongside John King, author of Tribal Leadership, one of the top 50 best-selling business books of all time, Tom Gay, founder of, and Brent Labbit, creator of WEVO Global.  LBJ is a staple in the self-development industry. He and his prestigious team of extraordinary leadership consultants are often called upon to provide presentations, seminars and workshops for universities, church groups and leading corporations. A few of Les Brown Jr.’s past clients include the United Nations, AT&T, State Farm Insurance, New York Life, Amway Global, CEO Space International, Herbal-Life, the Boys and Girls Club, the National Youth Achievers, UCLA, the NAACP and Harvard University. He has also shared the stage with such greats as the Dalai Lama, Gladys Knight, Richard Branson, Oscar award winner Mo’nique, Bob Proctor, Broadway Hall of Fame inductee and Tony award winner Ben Vereen, Sharon Lechtor, Star Search winner and comedic legend Michael Collier, Leena Patel, Bishop T.D. Jakes and his godmother, the late Della Reese-Lett, the first woman to host the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson.  With the ability to reach millions at his fingertips, LBJ is inspired to lead by example, consistently demonstrating a purposeful life filled with ‘giving back’ and making a unique impact. He is Chief Marketing Officer of Practical Strategies ltd, focusing on giving the next generation the tools to become the future world leaders. As a White House ambassador, Les Brown Jr., the youngest son of motivational icon and Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award winner Les Brown, is working with the One Million African American Youth in the Park Initiative, started by President Obama, continued by President Trump, in collaboration with TVA Parks of Connect Central and the Hightower Family Foundation.  Since the age of 10, he has been speaking professionally and he has not slowed down for more than two decades. His personal goal is to impact and to inspire a new generation of high achievers while remaining focused forward on building the family business which trains emerging leaders to use their unique voices as a force for greatness. 

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Current Projects

Company Name Link Description
Brown Honor IncChief Executive OfficerProfessional Development Company
It's Your Time AcademyHead CoachChief Content Creator


Keynote Speaking
Speaker Coaching
Inspirational Writing
High End Sales
Diversity Training
Leadership Development Systems
Motivational Marketing
Video Editing

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Certificate of Appreciation from Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship Real Estate Association
Studied Lessons on Modern Presidential Leadership at Harvard University
Entrepreneur of the Month February 2019 Life By Design Magazine
Co-Emmy Award Winner for contribution to HitRecord On TV with Joseph Gordon Levitts
International Best-Selling Author of Harvard Effect
Recipient of Best Speaker Award from Toast Masters International
Producer of 10 Independent Motivational Films
Board Of Directors of Seminars on Demand
Member of CEO SPACE International
Written and recorded over 300 Motivational Hip Hop Songs
Member of (SANG) Speakers Authors Networking Group

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Motivational Speaking Business Coaching Story Telling Mastery Music Mind Mapping Software

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Motivation, Leadership, Mastery, Hope, Money



  • John Leslie Brown is a hard working, high impact, game changing individual. His work habit, message and commitment to real change is epic. I am proud to have him as my friend.

    Brett Labit
    BDP Level 1/Influencer Advocate Level
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