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As your contacts enroll and upgrade to Tribe Builder or Biz Dev Pro, you will earn a monthly recurring commission for the life of their subscription, as long as you are an active and in good-standing member. See your commission opportunities and some helpful scripts below

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Recommended Scripts

(Try not to be too generic. It is always best to send a personalized invite. Use these scripts as guidelines for some of the important reasons someone would want to get inTHETRIBE with you)

“I am directing my energy, connections and referrals inTHETRIBE now where all my contacts can be easily introduced, connected, engaged and referred. I want to invite you to get your free account set up so I can do a better job supporting you.”

“Finally, a collaborative, conscious and responsible culture in social networking. I want to invite you to create a free account, build your profiles and get supported by myself and other members.”

“Here is the ONE must have social networking tool in the marketplace. Create your free account now so that you can start attracting, nurturing, managing and monetizing your contacts, all in one place”

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